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I. General Terms and Conditions

1. Registrations

The “” portal in is current state is a gaming web portal. It is completely free to register in and the only condition is compliance with these Rules and Terms and Conditions.

2. Changes

These Rules are introduced by Tangra Studios and may be amended and/or supplemented unilaterally by Tangra Studios. The changes shall come into effect for all registered users after five (5) days have passed since the changes in question has been published in the web portal. These Rules are an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Tangra Studios Ltd.

3. Web portal and Forum

The forum located at is the official news outlet of the web portal. All infringements committed in this forum will be considered infringements of these Rules and may lead to penalty in the forum as well as in the portal.

II. Restrictions and penalties

1. Fraud

1.1. A fraudulent action shall mean any sort of assistance between different accounts which directly or indirectly harms another user or users. Examples of fraud include but are not limited to:
  • Aiding other players through Skype or other chat programs with the intent to win an easier victory over an opponent;
  • Intentionally losing a game to the benefit of another player;
  • Other means which one account utilizes to aid others for its own benefit or the benefit of others and for the purpose of achieving a higher ranking position or winning a tournament.
Note: The above is not a conclusive list of all the examples of fraudulent actions.
1.2. All other cases of players unfairly aiding others which have not been listed above will also receive punishment.
1.3. 1. At the first instance of questionable behavior the account which aids and the one which benefits will be suspended for two days.
1.3.2. At the second instance of questionable behavior the accounts of both the aiding and the benefitting player shall be suspended from the portal for a period of time determined by the administrator. 1.4.1. Ranking manipulation, playing with the help of Skype coordination or other ways of attempting to transfer chips in Svara shall result in banning all discovered accounts for one month and reducing all chips to zero. If a second offence occurs the penalty shall be a ban for three months and reducing all chips to zero. For a third offence the penalty shall be a ban for five years.
1.4.2. The penalty for transferring Svara chips and unfair play, regardless of the hour and the ranking shall be a two-week ban for all discovered accounts and a reduction of 30% of all discovered chips.

2. Selling an account

2.1. It is forbidden to sell game portal accounts.

3. Game bugs and security breaches in the portal A bug is defined as a weakness or an involuntary error in the product code which allows a user to take advantage of a game in an unfair and unpermitted way, or as activity which interferes with the servers, the game team and/or the software to carry out their predefined, scheduled and expected tasks. If the user stumbles upon an account with extraordinary features and properties, this is also considered an error.
3.1. If a player discovers a bug in any game they are obligated to report it to the game administration immediately. If the player takes advantage of an undocumented bug they shall be suspended for a period determined by the administrator.
3.2. If a player takes advantage of a bug which has been reported but has not yet been resolved, the player’s account shall be blocked for a period depending on the administrator’s discretion.
3.3. Each direct or indirect malicious action by a player towards another player or server* shall result in an account ban or an IP ban for the offending party (as well as for the owner of the account which has been taken advantage of unless they can prove they are innocent) whose length will depend on the discretion of the administrator. An example of a direct malicious action may be entering another person’s account without the knowledge of the owner – hacking; an example for an indirect one is interference in another account’s game.
3.4. If the game team discovers an attempt to circumvent the system, an intentional attempt to interfere with the normal operation of the servers as well as an attempt to manipulate any part of the game code, the guilty party shall have their account blocked for a period depending on the discretion of the administrator. The game administration reserves its right to seek reimbursement for any damages and administrative expenses through legal action in accordance with the functioning legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

4. Bots

Bots are considered (automated) scripts of any kind, which simulate activity in a certain account (this definition does not apply to the automated scripts which are used for running the games).

5. Blackmail and insults

Any sort of blackmail and threats towards players may lead to the temporary or prolonged blocking of the account who has initiated them. The way to notify the game team of such threats is to report the personal or chat message. Depending on the team’s discretion the player’s forum account may also be suspended. If proven guilty, the user shall be banned from using chat and personal messages for a period depending on the administrator’s discretion, but no less than 12 hours. If a second offence occurs the period is doubled.

6. Penalties Penalties shall be enforced upon all players who do not comply with section II Restrictions and Penalties – part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 of these Rules, as well as with any of the following:
6.1. Attempts by users to pressure game team members into granting them special treatment or more privileges than other players.
6.2. Any attempts by users to receive confidential information from other players such as passwords, different access codes, other types of access or any sort of information they would usually not have access to.
6.3. Insulting or vulgar nicknames and/or avatars in the forum and/or in the game, as well as avatars/nicknames which instigate certain unwanted actions and reactions (swastikas, other types of crosses, etc.)
6.4. Threats and insults made by players toward game team members, regardless of the time and place they have occurred. The team reserves the right to use their own discretion in the case of proven insults without the need to justify its actions to any third party.
6.5. Threats and insults made by team members towards users (see previous point). The rules and penalties are valid for everyone in the portal regardless of their status.
The team reserves the right to apply the penalties mentioned below without warning the player in advance.
The types of penalties are as follows:
  • a temporary ban on posting and messaging privileges in the forum and in the game;
  • a permanent ban on posting and messaging privileges in the forum and in the game;
  • a temporary ban on accessing the game forum;
  • a permanent ban on accessing the game forum;
  • a temporary ban on the use of the messaging system in the game – muting the player;
  • a permanent ban on the use of the messaging system in the game – muting the player;
  • a temporary ban on playing the games;
  • a permanent ban on playing the games;
in the case of proven acts of fraud or other transgressions of the rules – deactivation of all accounts which have taken part in this activity.* blocking/filtering the access to the computers/nodes which have any contact with the portal.
* “Proven” in this context means that the game team has unanimously concluded that a transgression has taken place. The team is not required to explain their decision.
Note: Questions regarding blocked or otherwise punished accounts may be placed using the support contact form or the game forum. Abusive language, insults and repetitive requests for comments after one has been issued will not be tolerated.

7. Advertising

All unauthorized advertisements placed in the fields intended for profile information, as well as in their names in the form of text, banners, links, pictures, avatars, etc. are not allowed.

III. Reports

1. Reporting other players

Reporting other players for any sort of infringements shall be done in the forum or through the support contact form. In the event of a player making unsubstantiated reports about an opponent, the reporting player shall receive the penalty which would have been forced on the reported player if he/she had been guilty.

2. Reporting game team members

If any team member is suspected of abusing their privileges, a player or a group of players may request a detailed investigation. Such a request must only be made publicly in the game forum. In the event of a proven transgression, the guilty member shall be stripped of all privileges in the portal and expelled from the game administration team.
* The requests will be considered by the team only if they are written in a literate and intelligent manner.

IV. Additional Provisions

1. Subsequent consideration of administrative decisions

Any action performed by a moderator may be revoked only by the same person or by an administrator. The actions of an administrator, as long as they are compliant to the above stated rules, are non-revocable.

2. Reimbursement

2.1. In the event that a user suffers damages due to mistakes caused by the software or by the actions of the game team, they are generally entitled to reimbursement.
2.2. If a player tries to circumvent a decision made by a moderator by contacting another moderator the player will be punished in accordance with point 8. If he/she contacts an administrator instead, this will be considered an offence and the player will not be punished.

3. Objections

Each unsubstantiated objection to the rules may lead to one of the penalties listed above or to elimination from the game. Depending on the degree of the misconduct, the penalty may be carried over not only to the portal but to other services, including the game forum. The team members are entitled to hand out penalties to the offenders using their best discretion.

4. Cases not listed above

The game administrators reserve the right to enforce punishment on players who have broken the rules in a way which is not explicitly listed.

V. The game team

The game team: Reserves the right to determine what compensation should be awarded to players who have suffered damages as a result of the actions of team members. Reserves the right to introduce changes to all aspects of the games in the portal without notifying players in advance. Reserves the right to alter/amend these Terms and Conditions at any time after notifying players in the portal and the forum in advance.

VI. Contact

The only official means of communication with the game administrators is the support contact form. You may get in touch with the game team by using the forum located at, where you will receive an answer by a team member within 72 hours in working days and 96 hours in non-working days.

VII. Users

By registering an account in the portal all users agree that they have read and understand these Terms and Conditions and will adhere to the rules of fair play stated within, and that they agree to suffer the penalties listed above if the team considers this necessary; the users also agree that the responsibility to enquire regularly about changes to the rules lies within themselves. The lack of awareness of the rules does not deprive the offender of the responsibility to follow it. The users are required to take good care of all personal information and not supply it to third parties, including former or current team members. In such an event the team shall not be liable for any damages. All rights to the games belong exclusively to Tangra Studios Ltd. All rights to this text belong to Tangra Studios Ltd. and its reproduction in any form without our explicit written consent is strictly prohibited.
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